See what they are saying about our Clothing Drive Fundraisers

It’s Profitable, Easy & FAST!


Local Church/Youth group says:


I want to thank you for making this clothing drive so easy. It was a huge success for the youth in our church. We not only passed the goal we set for ourselves, but doubled it. The students had so much fun getting the bags ready for pick up and marketing it to the church. I can’t thank you enough for your help and direction on how to run this fundraiser successfully, and your daughter’s help with the fliers that she designed that we were able to use for advertisement. We definitely will be looking to doing this again and will be calling on you. It was great working with you and your family.

God Bless you and your family and have a wonderful holiday season and blessed new year.

CT High School band says:

“Thank you for making our jobs very easy…This is such a great, easy fund raiser. We don’t ask people for money, they get to clean out their houses…Not to mention it was easy, extremely easy to do.”


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Clothing Drive Fundraisers

We would like to Thank all of our customers, Schools, Sports Teams, Bands, Churches, PTO & PTA….all of our clients for having chosen us to work with on their Fundraising needs. This fall has been (to date) our busiest season for Clothing Drive Fundraising…we Thank You!

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2014 update….Clothing Drive Collection Fundraising is a SUPER Success!

Clothing Drive Collection Fundraisers are going Strong…book your Clothing Collection Drive Fundraiser early….It is an Easy and Simple way to raise money for your non profit!

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Help the Environment and Make Money for your Non Profit!

Clothing Drives are an Excellent way to raise money for your Non Profit group and at the same time help our World! (by keeping clothing out of landfills)

Hold a USED CLOTHING Fundraiser it’s Fast & Easy!

It’s SIMPLE!  NO Buying and NO Selling!

Going Green and making Money for your Non Profit organization … what could be Better?

 Your Non Profit organization, School, Sports Team, Scout group… Earns money quickly and easily by collecting good, wearable (gently worn) & clean used clothing, shoes and accessories. 

 Important Please Read: At this time we are only buying Used Clothing Drive collections from Non Profit organizations located in Connecticut.  Our goal is to expand to other states in the future.

  AmeriServe USA LLC pays you for the clothing that’s collected … it’s that SIMPLE!

  It’s Profitable, Easy & FAST!


Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas &

School & Church Fundraising Ideas

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